Apigee Compass

Art Direction / Illustration / UX / Visual Design

In early 2017, Amp was brought in to help realize a new business tool that Apigee’s customers could use to chart the best course for their digital journey.

Dubbed Apigee Compass, this tool would employ a quick survey to ascertain the current standing of the customer’s business, after which it would present them with a “digital score” and curated recommendations for improving it. Upon reaching a score of 100, their journey would be a success.

As the visual designer and illustrator on the project, I worked with Amp, Googlers, and engineers at The Nerdery, to help design the initial UX and UI for Apigee Compass, along with subsequent versions adding team and account functionality.

Visit the site: transform.apigee.com

Client: Apigee | Google Cloud
Creative Agency: Amp
Engineering: The Nerdery

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