My Dog:

My little pal, Ripley — the name was inspired by Ellen Ripley from the Alien films. She was adopted from the Kansas Humane Society on 2018.08.21, at 5 months old.

Special Thanks to:

My good friend Rich Bachman, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a number of projects over the years, including this site and the site for Speculative Identities.

Rich Bachman · Web Developer at SendGrid, Photographer · Medium · Flickr · LinkedIn ·

Some Local Designers That Have Helped Me Out and Put Up With My Shit Over the Years:

Brad Ruder · Tilt Union · Tangent Lab · LinkedIn · Dribbble

Chris Parks · · Dribbble

Dom Flask · Dangerdom Studios · Dribbble · Instagram

Jonathan Wood · LinkedIn · Dribbble · Instagram

Luke Bott · · Instagram

Mike Gangwere · LinkedIn · Dribbble

Travis Krause · LinkedIn · Dribbble · Instagram

Interesting People I Follow:

As social media's wastelands become something I tread with less and less frequency, I thought it would be a good idea to start a running list or directory of people I find interesting or inspiring, and what they are up to in the wider world. Something I can reference, and a way for me to share the work of others.

Check back periodically for updates. Still working through my social media feeds to log people of interest, and I'll make a regular thing of adding new people as they catch my attention.

Adam Rothstein · Writer, Researcher, Artist, Addressing Anthropocene Landscapes, Infrastructural Aesthetics, Material Ecologies · POSZU · Twitter @interdome

Alex Steffen · Writer, Speaker, Foresight Consultant and Planetary Futurist · The Nearly Now ·

Anab Jain · Designer, Filmmaker, Futurist, Co-Founder & Director of Superflux, Professor & Course Leader AT D_I_Studio University of Applied Arts, Vienna · Superflux Profile · TED Talks · Medium

Annalee Newitz · Writing About Science, Culture, and the Future, Science Fiction Author, Editor-at-Large for Ars Technica, Our Opinions Are Correct Podcast Host, Founder of io9 · Autonomous ·

Ariel Waldman · NASA Advisor, Author, Global Director of Science Hack Day · Ariel's Space Time · Science Hack Day · What's It Like In Space? ·

Bradley L. Garrett
· Social Geographer at the University of Sydney, Focusing on Cities, Infrastructure and Society · Writing a book about people preparing for the end of the world · · Twitter @goblinmerchant · Instagram

Bruce Sterling · Science Fiction Author, Writer, Editor, Journalist, Public Speaker, Futurist, Design Critic · Beyond the Beyond · Medium · Tumblr · Wolf in Living Room

Bryan Finoki · Writer and Editor, Blogger at Subtopia: A Field Guide to Military Urbanism, Co-founder of Demlit · Archinect Profile · Subtopia Blog · Twitter @subtopes · Demlit

Charles Aweida
· New Media Artist, Roboticist, Design Lead at Gradle · Man & Machine · Instagram · Twitter @aweida

Charlie Stross · Scifi Author · Charlie's Diary

Chris Noessel · Consultant, Writer, Author, Public Speaker, Educator, Working at IBM · Sci-Fi Interfaces · · Make It So · Designing Agentive Technology

Damien Williams, @Wolven · Writing, Teaching, Thinking and Speaking About Philosophy, Religious Studies, STS, Magical-Techno-Futurism and Pop Culture · A Future Worth Thinking About · Technoccult · Patreon

Debbie Chachra
· Professor of Engineering, Writer and Public Speaker on Gender Issues, Technology and Culture · Metafoundry Newsletter · · Twitter @debcha

Duane King
· Entrepreneur, Consultant and Creative Director · · Pioneer Plaque: A Message from Earth

Errolson Hugh
· Fashion Designer and Consultant, Co-founder of ACRONYM, Designer of NikeLab ACG Revival · Instagram · ACRONYM

Ganzeer · Multidisciplinary Artist Working Seamlessly Between Art, Design, and Storytelling · Times New Human · The Solar Grid · · Restricted Frequency Newsletter

Geoff Manaugh
· Author, Writing About Tech, Cities, Science, Crime, Design, Landscape, Futures · BLDBLG · A Burglar's Guide to the City

Georgina Voss · Anthropologist of Technology and Innovation Systems, Artist, Writer, and Journalist · · Strange Telemetry · Supra Systems Studio

Ghost Cop
· Band Members: Lucy Swope and Sean Dack · Electronic, Ghost Step, Space Jam · Bandcamp · SoundCloud · YouTube · Space Signals Newsletter · Instagram

Hannah Scott
· Illustrator, Artist, Shop Owner · Illustration Portfolio · Instagram · Vortex Souvenir · Stamp Yo Face

Ingrid Burrington · Artist and Writer, Thinking About Network Infrastructure and the American Landscape · Networks of New York · Patreon ·

James Bridle
· Artist, Writer, Journalist, Technologist · · Medium · New Dark Age

Jay Owens
· Writing About Media, Technology and Late Capitalism, Dust Evangelist, Research Director at Pulsar · Disturbances Newsletter · Instagram · Twitter @hautepop

Joan McNeil · Writing About the Ways Technology Shapes Art, Politics, and Society · · Twitter @jomc

Kevin Wildt
· Videographer, Photographer, Shop Owner · Noncynics · LinkedIn · Instagram · Vortex Souvenir · We Are Wichita · Stamp Yo Face

M1k3y · Dark Extropian, Freelance Writer in Extinction Aesthetic · Patreon · The Posthuman World · Journal of a Cosmic Anthropologist

Madeline Ashby · Science Fiction Writer, Futurist, Public Speaker, Teacher · Overt Intelligence · Books

Martin Pfeiffer
· PhD student at UNM, Writing Anthropologically Informed Nuclear Weapons Research · Deus Ex Atomica: Anthropology and The Bomb · Patreon

Simon Roy · Comics Creator, Artist, Illustrator · Robot Blood Blog · Flickr · Patreon · Jan's Atomic Heart · Habitat

Sjef van Gaalen · Rotterdam-based Researcher and Designer, Dealing in Futures & Fictions, Collage and Camouflage · Structure & Narrative · Medium · Instagram

Tim Maughan · Author and Journalist, Fiction and Non-fiction, Exploring Issues of Cities, Class, Culture, Technology, and the Future · Bylines at BBC, New Scientist, Vice/Motherboard · Tim Maughan Books and Writing

Tobias Revell · Designer, Artist, Educator, Lecturer · Haunted Machines · Strange Telemetry ·

Tom Gauld · Cartoonist and Illustrator, Author of Goliath and Mooncop · · Instagram · Tumblr

Trevor Paglen · Artist, Author, Writer, Covering Subjects Including Experimental Geography, State Secrecy, Military Symbology, Photography, and Visuality · · Orbital Reflector

Warren Ellis
· Graphic Novelist, Writer and Public Speaker · Orbital Operations Newsletter · Blog · · Finality · Castlevania

William Gibson
· Science Fiction Author · Official Website · Twitter @GreatDismal