The Domes

Visited 2017.11.12
Near Casa Grande, Arizona

Built in the late 70s or early 80s, “The Domes” are the abandoned shells of what was meant to be a facility for computer manufacturing. Today, they are full of trash, covered in graffiti, and according to urban legend, the site of ritual witchcraft and satanic worship.

My time here was brief. I didn’t run into any satan worshippers, but as I was going between domes I noticed two vehicles pull up next to where I was parked, and they didn’t look like tourists. Being there by myself, and not knowing what they were meeting about, I wasn’t sure how smart it was to approach them. But I also didn’t like the idea of leaving a truck full of travel gear unattended. So I gave them a pleasant wave as I walked by, hopped in the driver’s seat, and got myself the hell out of there.

Later I learned that one of the domes had collapsed prior to my visit (not something I was even remotely considering when I was wandering around in them), and the owner has been ordered to have them all demolished.