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[ 2018.11.23 ] Orbital Maneuver Required

“In spaceflight, an orbital maneuver (otherwise known as a burn) is the use of propulsion systems to change the orbit of a spacecraft. The rest of the flight, especially in a transfer orbit, is called coasting.“

The end of the year is fast approaching, which has me thinking about the changes a new one will usher in. This time around, it's definitely an opportunity to consider some things and find new focus, as I'm faced with an inevitable change regarding my work situation.

Since early 2017, I’ve been primarily operating in the orbit of Apigee and Google as a contractor, safely coasting along on retainer from one quarter to the next. This is set to change though, as Apigee, having been bought by Google in 2016, will be completely rolled up into Google Cloud by the beginning of next year. When that time comes, they’ll be pulling the plug on Apigee’s current marketing site, and with that, the mission is over and my work there is done.

So it’s time to figure out what comes next.

I’m inclined to stick it out as a freelancer and independent designer, tracking down new work to replace what I’ll lose with this contract. It could be an opportunity to refocus and go after more of the branding and illustration work I enjoy doing. I know I definitely want to get back to writing for Speculative Identities on a regular basis. It’s fun and rewarding, and I think there is a good sized audience out there for it, if I can keep after it long enough for them to find it. Whatever I do, I'll need to reserve time for that.

There are some limits to what I’ve been able to accomplish as a freelancer though. Could I go a step further and launch some kind of studio or collaborative team, pulling together more talent, which would maneuver me into a position where I could go after bigger clients and projects?

Then there’s the question of whether or not I should even stay in Wichita, Kansas, where I’ve been based since I finished up my design degree. I can’t help but wonder if I’ve been hurting myself by not relocating somewhere that would give me direct access to networks of people or organizations I’d want to work with, and who would want to work with me — overall, I've had a hard time finding a home for my work in Wichita. So maybe it’s time to pack it up, and move closer to the action? I could also look for a full-time opportunity somewhere, leveraging all of the UX/UI experience I’ve gained working with Google, to see what that grows into and where it takes me. Or maybe I could make more of an effort to travel in search of work, with my base of operations remaining in Wichita?

These are all things I’ve been kicking around, but I can’t say that I have any solid answers or direction yet. I guess if you’re reading this, I’d ask that you please keep me in mind. I’m on the lookout for new opportunity and putting the word out amongst friends and colleagues. It feels like the future is wide open, and the next thing could come from anywhere.