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[ 2019.06.26 ] Speculative Identities + Patreon

Got a few new developments to announce.

First, I’m rebooting my efforts at Speculative Identities, where I had been surveying logos that appear in science fiction. The site has been dormant for a little over a year, so it’s way past time that I get back to work there. To go along with that, I’ve updated the Speculative Identities logo and I’m also working on promotional items.

I’ve also launched a creator’s page on Patreon. There are currently two tiers — one is for a low-commitment general backing of my self-initiated creative efforts and research, and the other is specifically targeting Speculative Identities with a boost to help get it moving again. More info on that can be found here: Roger Strunk’s Patreon Creator Page

The idea is to devote more of my time to things I’m passionate about, with the hope that maybe enough people will buy into what is coming out of it to pay for some of the time that it takes away from client work. And when it comes to Speculative Identities, that is a significant chunk of time.

If I’m really lucky, this will also have the knock-on effect of connecting me with clients and collaborators that more specifically align with what I want to be doing as a designer and artist.

Time will tell.