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[ 2019.06.10 ] The Time Bunker

Yesterday marked my first installment of "Roger Strunk's Time Bunker" in Warren Ellis' weekly newsletter, Orbital Operations.

The brief intro from that:

"Roger Strunk is a designer, artist and design historian with a special interest in versions of the future. He has a vast collection of strange design objects from all over the world, and has showcased his finds on IG and elsewhere for years. But he has so much stuff that it's hard to give it all space. So now Roger has landed his Time Bunker here with us. Let's look through The Terrifying Round Cosmic Void Window to see what he's found this week."

If that sounds interesting, you can subscribe here. Every week you'll see a new item that I've dug up, along with all the wisdom and good things Ellis is sharing on a regular basis. I highly recommend it.

Links: Warren Ellis, Orbital Operations Newsletter